Friday Friday…

Gotta love me some Friday’s. But really, I’m excited for the weekend, even if I don’t have crazy plans. 


We have these two flower “pots” (above) filled with fake flowers – so as to reduce the need for upkeep while simultaneously saving money on soil and seeds – and my mom is convinced that real flowers have actually started blooming. Do you see the twig?


This is the shirt and pants I wore yesterday. It’s just a little peep, but I love the floral design of the shirt, not to mention the material, and these pants are my favorite. I originally bought them because they reminded me of a pair I saw in a Stella McCartney collection in 2011 – shown with a peplum! She was well ahead of that trend. Her clothes are the epitome of class, if I ever said so myself.


Palm trees near my house ~ I hail from the land of the Stylish Wanderer, if you know what I mean.


And finally, an excellent photo of my cat. He’s not very photogenic, for whatever reason, but he’s dang adorable! See you later xoxo


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