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a bird, a pic, and a street

What’s in a day? I rescued a bird from being run over, finally got a picture [I liked] of this outfit, and went dancing. Well, I actually stumbled upon a dance going on Downtown, but I’ll get to that.

As I was driving to the above pictured location, we saw a little green bird limping across an intersection! We stopped the car, unsure of what exactly we were going to do, but got out anyway. It was meant to be, I think, because as soon as we were walking, Highway Patrol appeared! We asked the officer about it and he went into the middle of the street and got the bird! It was really nice of him to block traffic to get the birdie to safety.

Later, we went to Olvera Street, the Mexican version of China Town, basically.        

If you keep walking down the street, there’s a big gazebo at the end, where a group  was playing salsa and conga music. I wish I could have gotten pictures of all this,  but alas, the camera was full and I didn’t think about it (phooey!) But I did get this bracelet while down there. And I think I may have been ripped off a bit, but lesson learned, I suppose.

Thanks for reading – will post again soon!

(Oh yeah) BREAK DOWN: Jean jacket, my mom’s; shirt, thrifted, Oscar de la Renta; jeans, Charlotte Russe; shoes, my mom’s; bag, thrifted, Steve Madden.