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small hello

Don’t take any notice of the theme! This is NOT (note the large caps and italics) an attempt at cliche fashion minimalism (I will explain). This is simply me putting emphasis on content versus shininess – i.e. how cool the graphics on my blog are. And I mean this in the most non-patronizing way. I like minimalism; really, I do, and I appreciate the blogs out there that use it and I love the blogs that go all out on the bling. But my HTML skills do not allow me to produce such spiffiness and any attempt otherwise would probably confuse a lot of people (“Is that a goose or a duck. Does she know what she’s doing with that?“), so nice, clean, fantastic minimalism it is.

The vibe in this small series is, if you can guess it, 50s. Sort of this girl getting stuff done, but having a sense of style and empowerment about it. There’s been a lot of girl power strutting down the New York runways this past week, too (i.e. 3.1 Phillip Lim). The shirt actually reads “born free.” I’m quite theatrical, if you can’t tell (and by the way the pics are of my sister, not me. You’ll probably see a lot of her as time goes). And black & white photography really makes the [faux] fur look like it’s moving/exploding from her neck. I dunno, that’s just my two pennies.

By the by, the coat is from H&M and the rest is stuff I had lying around (my mother skirt, a shirt I got 2 years ago, etc.).